I've publishes a new blog related to android application data storage security, it explains the methods by which data can be stored securely in android device

Completed development of new blogging website

#2021 Goals
1. Actively blogging and participating in community
2. Learning security architecture and threat modeling
3. Impleting the skills learned in 2020 in real life (Last year was finished just in learning)
4. Be a better version of myself and learn from my mistakes

Thank you @_p4nk4j sir for the tips and exploitation methods you mentioned, indeed a good blog to read

#OSWE tip 1
If you are spending a money opting a certification it is to learn new things out of it, OSWE was focused on Web app Source Code Review, I learned all the additional required things and registered for it when I didn't knew about Code Review

Finally got mail from @offsectraining, very excited to announce that I am a OSWE now vj0shii photo